The Heat: Covid-19 battle. Third wave hits Europe


It’s déjà vu all over again as COVID-19 is on the rise across Europe.

It is wrestling with a third wave of the coronavirus pandemic as a number of countries raise concerns over the AstraZeneca vaccine. 

The EU, plagued by vaccine delays, is also dealing with concerns that the AstraZeneca vaccine could lead to an increased risk of blood clots – something the company denies. 

Nevertheless, Germany, France, Italy and Spain joined with 11 of their neighbors this week to suspend use of the vaccine until the matter could be studied. 

Meanwhile, here in the United States, vaccinations are on the rise amid warnings not to become complacent in the race to eradicate the virus. 

To discuss:

  • Rishi Desai is the chief medical officer for health at
  • Dr. Xi Chen is an associate professor of public health at Yale University.
  • Chris Smith is a Consultant Virologist at the University of Cambridge and the co-presenter of the “Naked Scientists” podcast.
  • William Haseltine is the Chair and President of ACCESS Health International and the author of “Variants — The Shape-Shifting Challenge of COVID-19.”

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