Full Frame: Herd Immunity

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The global tally of confirmed coronavirus cases is now well over 100 million.

The pace of new infections is accelerating and the United States, which has the most cases in the entire world, is also reporting the highest number of hospitalizations.

Full Frame host Mike Walter talks with epidemiologist, Dr. Jennifer Bouey about what we’ve learned so far, and what the coming months might bring.

While the development of a vaccine is the best long-term approach to ending the COVID-19 pandemic, there is still a need for rapid and effective treatments. In Argentina, scientists are developing antibodies from an unlikely source to combat the disease.

Scientists are developing COVID-19 vaccines in record time. Though the process can typically take ten to 15 years, in the U.S., two vaccines have been authorized for use, in less than a year. Before now, the fastest-ever vaccine took four years to develop back in the 1960s. That was for mumps. For more insight into the evolution of vaccines, Mike Walter talks with Dr. William Petri, who studies immunology and the molecular development of infectious diseases.