Full Frame: Fighting COVID

Full Frame

The global fight against COVID-19 is a team effort.

Unique treatments and the people who care for patients have both taken on unprecedented roles. Now that the disease is better understood than it was last year, what will coronavirus care look like in the future?

Dr. Eric Finzi is a dermasurgeon, with a PhD in biochemistry. He has also written more than 20 research publications. He recently published an article on zinc being a form of treatment for COVID-19. He tells Full Frame host, Mike Walter, so far all of his patients have had remarkable turnarounds.

In Brazil, the government is making a huge effort to supply COVID 19 vaccines as fast as possible. But scientists have located a new, more aggressive virus strain in the Amazon city of Manaus. This has created a surge in patients, exhausting hospital supplies of oxygen. Patient’s families are forced to turn to private suppliers. They, in turn, are charging up to $70 for a cylinder that could turn out to be a lifesaver.

As the coronavirus ravaged the globe; nurses became hospital heroes. To deal with the aftermath of patient care, two nurses in California created a podcast to talk about their day-to-day experiences. Full Frame host Mike Walter talks with ‘Nurse Angela’, who is a critical care registered nurse, about why she and her co-worker wanted to share their struggles and their achievements.