CGTN travels to Central America to examine the root causes of the mass migration to the United States.

Families of migrants long for reunion

In El Progreso, Honduras, CGTN met a family that deals with the pain of separation every day. Maria de Jesus Barrientos is raising four of her grandchildren while her two sons work in the United States. See what it's like for her family.

Many children in Honduras rely on food kitchens to get one meal a day

At a makeshift community called Jesus of Nazaret outside El Progreso, in northern Honduras, children rely on volunteers to get one meal a day. CGTN's Franc Contreras spoke to Luis Sierra, the head of the community kitchen about their daily concerns and joys. Our team Franc Contreras, Bernardo Coronel, and Jaime Francisco Hernandez Rodriguez will be delivering more reports from Honduras as we track the roots of migration from Central America to the United States. Stay tuned.

Life at a Guatemala-Honduras border checkpoint

Hundreds of migrants pass through the Corinto border checkpoint between Honduras and Guatemala each day on their way to somewhere else. CGTN’s Franc G. Contreras went there to see why people are traveling, and where they say they are going.