A look inside the world’s most dangerous peacekeeping mission.

A land of desolation and scarcity, the Sub-Saharan country of Mali once known for its music has come to be known for its perpetual conflict. Once home to an internationally renowned music festival, the mystical ancient city of Timbuktu has come to be known for its extreme danger.

At one time, Timbuktu was the wealthiest place in the entire world. But the fabled city has fallen on hard times. Lack of opportunity and resources set the stage for poverty-driven conflict and Islamic extremism; culminating in a civil war. Now recovering, but still facing terrorism, Timbuktu and the regions of northern Mali surrounding it are now home to the world’s most dangerous peacekeeping mission.

Speaking with United Nations peacekeepers, officials, educators, musicians and activists, ‘The Sounds of Mali’ takes viewers from the wind-swept dunes of the Sahara, to the adobe brick-built streets of Timbuktu. Follow UN Blue Helmets as they patrol the dangerous streets at night. See how residents of this isolated city cope with life in the desert and learn what challenges remain to lasting peace as the music that once made it renowned returns to Mali.



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