Full Frame: Escaping the Northern Triangle

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Close to 100,000 migrants were detained by U.S. border patrol at the U.S.-Mexico border back in February of 2021.  

Most of the people crossing come from a region in Central America known as “The Northern Triangle.” It is composed of El Salvador, Guatemala and Honduras. 

The main drivers pushing people out are crime, violence and corruption. El Salvador alone is considered one of the world’s most dangerous places outside an active war zone.


Full Frame host Mike Walter talks with American University Professor and author of “Mortal Doubt”, Anthony Fontes about some of the causes of the immigration wave.  


The New Wave of Immigrants  

The United States has the largest immigrant population in the world. During the last couple of decades, a new type of immigrant has emerged – one who is well-schooled.  This wave of educated professionals have now become deeply intertwined with the U.S., not only socially but culturally and economically. 

Full Frame host Mike Walter talks with Andrew Selee, the author of “Vanishing Frontiers” and president of the Migration Policy Institute.