Chauvin gets 22.5 years for killing of George Floyd

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Former Minneapolis Police Officer Derek Chauvin has been sentenced to 270 months or 22.5 years for the killing of George Floyd.

Judge Peter A. Cahill said he outlined his reasoning for the sentence in a 22-page memo and said he acknowledged the pain of the Floyd family.

“I’m not basing my sentence on public opinion or an attempt to send any message,” Cahill said. “A trial court judge’s job is to apply the law to facts and deal with individual cases.”

Prosecutors had hoped for a maximum of 360 months or 30 years in prison.

Floyd’s death prompted protests against police use of force across the United States.

Chauvin is appealing his conviction.

Chauvin spoke very briefly saying there will be “other things in the future that will be of interest” and extended condolences to Floyd’s family.

Chauvin’s mother also spoke saying that Chauvin is not a racist. “My son is a good man,” she said.

George Floyd’s daughter Gianna Floyd testified via video saying “I miss him and I love him.”

“My family and I have been given a life sentence, we will never be able to get George back,” said Philonise Floyd, brother of George Floyd.

“I want to know from the man himself, why? What were you thinking when you had your knee on my brother’s neck?” said another brother Terrence Floyd.