CPC 100 years: New Endeavors

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This week marks the centenary of the founding of China’s Communist Party.

New Endeavors: Culture confidence – Dunhuang Art

This new found appreciation for Chinese culture, is being helped along with new technology and new ways to interpret ancient works of art.  The town of Dun-huang, is famous for its murals painted in a network of caves. Now technology is allowing more people to experience these ancient artworks, in an immersive way. 



New Endeavors: Women of China – Dou Yuxia

In today’s ‘New Endeavors’ special coverage for the Chinese Communist Party’s centenary, we focus on women’s role in China. China’s population is aging rapidly – that’s a challenge to both its economy and society. We take a look at Dou Yuxia, a woman who has stepped up to that challenge, opening a nursing home for the elderly. Here’s her story.


New Endeavors: Women of China – Hu Fang

Women are also important in China’s political structure. Hu Fang has been a deputy of the National Congress for 15 years, and is active in crafting social welfare policy. Here’s more.


New Endeavors: China’s Modern Agriculture

With only 10 percent of the world’s land resources, China needs to feed 20 percent of the world’s population.

Since 1978, China has already managed to lift more than 800 million people out of poverty – most of them in rural areas.

Continuing rural revitalization with new technology and big data will help create even more new opportunities.


New Endeavors: Shield tunneling machines

Shield machines are indispensable when it comes to large-scale tunnel projects such as urban subways, mountain tunnels, and sea crossing tunnels.

Large shield machines can even reach five or six stories high and more than a decade ago, shield machines depended on importing equipment.

Now, the “made in China” shield machine has been exported to 25 countries and regions globally.

The machine has been ranked number one in sales for four consecutive years, with an accumulated tunneling mileage of more than 2,600 kilometers.

Sun Xutao is in charge of a major expressway project for Beijing’s East Sixth Ring Road, and the largest made-in-China shield machine is his closest companion. Take a look.


New Endeavors: Technology and Sustainable development

For our second day of special coverage marking the centenary of China’s Communist Party, we take a look at the construction sector and the people making things work.

During some of the worst moments of the coronavirus in Wuhan, Chinese workers came together and built a hospital in just 10 days.

Protecting the environment was a crucial part of the process, especially when it came to dealing with an infectious disease. See how.

Chinese fashion gains notoriety

Our special segment ‘New Endeavors’ marks the Chinese Communist Party’s centenary, with a look at the eponymous Chinese sportswear brand, Li Ning.

While it and other domestic sportswear brands rival Nike and Adidas in sales in China, they’re not well known outside the country.

But in China, young people are embracing Li Ning’s combination of modern streetwear, with a Chinese aesthetic.