100 years since a new beginning in China

In 2021, China celebrates the centennial of its political party's founding and a new vision for how to run a global superpower. 'New Endeavors' takes a look at how the country's priorities put into action have lifted hundreds of millions out of poverty and built world-class infrastructure and technology.

The documentary meets the engineers, entrepreneurs and creatives who are building a modern China. From the country's breadbasket in Henan Province, we witness how farmers have managed agricultural production to feed the world's most populous country. In rural Zhejiang Province, we follow a social worker who's dedicated her life to helping those in need. In Beijing, we go behind-the-scenes of one of the largest infrastructure projects ever completed in the nation's capital.

'New Endeavors' highlights how economic growth and a shared sense of the common good have led to unprecedented gains for China's people, as well as how those values are deeply rooted in how Chinese people envision their own futures.



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