Full Frame: The Next Pandemic

Full Frame

Despite the progress being made toward vaccinating the world against the coronavirus, the next big plague is coming.

Are we ready for this next pandemic? In this week’s Full Frame, host Mike Walter talks with Maureen Miller, an infectious disease epidemiologist at Columbia University in New York City.

How can we prepare for the unknown? After all, very few expected a global coronavirus pandemic. The challenge is to prepare for a future infectious disease threat that is unexpected! Or worse, entirely unknown. But the answer could be found with the help of international experts, coming together from diverse backgrounds, creating a global team to win the war on infection.

As the world moves towards vaccinating against COVID-19, and preventing the next pandemic, could those both be better accomplished by more cooperation between China and the United States? Full Frame host Mike Walter talks with Deborah Seligsohn who teaches at Villanova University near Philadelphia, about how these two countries could come together on global health.