Should billionaires be taxed for space tourism?

World Today

Blue Origin’s rocket New Shepard blasts off carrying Star Trek actor William Shatner, 90, on billionaire Jeff Bezos’s company’s second suborbital tourism flight as part of a four-person crew near Van Horn, Texas, U.S., October 13, 2021. REUTERS/Mike Blake


This year has been an exciting one for space exploration, especially with the development of the commercial space industry in the United States.

Billionaires like Richard Branson and Jeff Bezos are set to launch an era of civilian space travel after they’ve taken the journey through their own private aerospace companies.

But one U.S. lawmaker, Rep. Earl Blumenauer of Oregon, says that space exploration shouldn’t be a “tax-free holiday for the wealthy” and he’s calling for a ‘space tax’ to pay for greenhouse gas emissions caused by space launches.

Opponents argue the move could hinder an innovative industry that’s on the rise.