Full Frame: Melting Iceland

Full Frame

It’s known as the ‘Land of Fire and Ice’. Iceland is a victim of climate change, but it’s also at the forefront of efforts to battle the impacts of extreme weather.

Until the 1970’s Iceland was like much of the rest of world, reliant on imported fossil fuels. But it’s made the switch to renewables. Is the Nordic country a model for the globe on how to fight global warming? In this week’s Full Frame, host Mike Walter talks with Iceland Prime Minister Katrin Jakobsdottir to understand what its leaders have done.

What makes Iceland so unique is that the government isn’t fighting climate change alone. It’s also businesses and average citizens chipping in to do their part.

Climate change is affecting every country on the globe, so international cooperation is essential. China and Iceland are working together on global warming research, as well as scientific studies to better understand the northern lights and how solar flares are impacting us here on earth. To learn more about the China Iceland Joint Arctic Science Observatory Full Frame spoke with the director of the Arctic Portal Halldor Johannsson.