Full Frame: Peacekeepers

Full Frame

Peacekeeping missions, around the world, help protect civilians and reduce some of the worst consequences of war. But should peacekeeping be reformed?

As nations begin to emerge from COVID-19, there have been lessons learned. For the United Nations Peacekeeping mission, it has been the importance of working, collectively, to address a crisis. Jean-Pierre Lacroix is the under-secretary-general for UN Peace Operations. Full Frame spoke with him about the keys to maintaining international peace and security.

Mali remains one of the most dangerous places to serve as a peacekeeper. After two military coups over the past year, the security situation has deteriorated. Correspondent Monica Villamizar follows a UN convoy navigating the dangers on the ground.

Today, nearly 90,000 UN troops are deployed in a dozen peacekeeping operations around the globe. Many have delivered lasting results, while others have struggled to achieve their objectives. We spoke with award-winning author and political science professor, Severine Autesserre, about her decades of peacekeeping research.