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Tune in to CGTN’s Afghanistan report on the brain drain of Afghan specialists

CGTN’s Toby Muse has been in Afghanistan reporting on the first six months of the new Taliban government. In a forthcoming report he will examine the impact of the brain drain of skilled professionals on the Afghan economy.


Tune in to CGTN’s Afghanistan report on fighting drug addiction

CGTN’s Toby Muse is in Kabul, Afghanistan where he’s been reporting on how the new Taliban government has fared. In a forthcoming report he will examine the problem of drug addiction in the country and how the government and people are working to combat it.


Episode 1: Afghanistan faces mass hunger

Afghanistan has long been dependent on foreign aid to survive. Once the Taliban took control last August, much of that was shut off, plunging the country in to economic collapse and now millions struggle with hunger.


Episode 2: Many Afghans struggle with drug addiction

Afghanistan is struggling with an epidemic of drug use and addiction.

The Taliban, as the new rulers of the country, are promising to help end addiction, forcibly sending addicts for treatment.

CGTN’s Toby Muse reports in his latest installment of Afghanistan Now.


Episode 3: Kabul’s zoo stays open

In Afghanistan, life has changed a lot since the Taliban takeover in August. An economy in crisis, secondary education for most girls on hold, and popular entertainment venues shutdown. But one has stayed open and in fact, thrived. The zoo. 


Episode 4: Critics say new Taliban rules roll back women’s rights

The future of women and girls still in limbo in Afghanistan.

The Taliban have introducing new rules on where women can work.

And secondary education is still on hold for most girls.

The Taliban say it’s for protection, but many women say it’s rolling back hard-won rights. CGTN’s Toby Muse reports.


Episode 5: Afghanistan brain drain leads to life-or-death consequences

Afghanistan faces a host of challenges since the Taliban took control last August, including a brain drain, after thousands fled the country.

The impact is being felt across Afghan society in monumental ways.

Toby Muse reports.