Full Frame: Art in the Americas

Full Frame

Can art save the planet? How does art influence? 

In this episode of Full Frame, we get a feel of the impact Hispanic artists are making when it comes to the world of art. 

From street graffiti to digital illustrations, from lyrical poetry to modern opera, Latin American artists have helped shape art in all its different forms. Years of creative evolution help us understand the narrative of human emotions through colors, shapes and sounds. 

A tribute to Pachamama (Mother Earth)

“My artwork is all about honoring the land we walk on, the air we breathe.” stated Federico Frum. “It’s about saving the rainforest, the bugs, the bats or the longhorn sheep.” Also known as “Mas Paz”, this multidisciplinary artist explores human emotions by highlighting his indigenous roots. All while contributing his efforts to saving the planet. 


Memory of Cuba

Cuba’s renowned visual artist, Alberto Morales or “Ajubel”, is an illustrator and designer based in Spain. In a collaboration with Leonardo Padura, one of the island’s most famous authors, he recreated the history of Chinese immigration to Havana in a series of illustrations called “Memory of Cuba.” 


Vocalizing Emotions

Opera has been around since the 16th century. Today, Latin America expands on that tradition by adding its own flavor. “If you’re trying to be funny, dark or malicious, sad or heart broken. You have to make sure you communicate what you’re feeling. That makes the difference.” says Alex Alburqueque, a Peruvian operatic baritone and the pupil of renowned baritone Dominic Cossa.