Full Frame: Mental Health

Full Frame

The psychological impact of COVID can be hard to overcome.

The pandemic – and the resulting economic recession – negatively affected the mental health of many people. As it wears on, many continue to face mental health challenges. So, in the years ahead, how can we transition safely and smoothly into a world that is reopening? Full Frame talks with renowned psychologist, Guy Winch, about the future of mental health — and how we can all pick up the pieces after this pandemic.

For athletes with disabilities who are competing in the Paralympic Games, their achievements are a testament of triumph over tragedy. And while they’re physically at the top of their game, inside, some struggle with a hidden opponent, depression or anxiety.

But this is one battle they don’t have to fight alone.

During and after a disaster, it’s natural to experience strong emotions. Learning to cope with those feelings and getting help can improve people’s recovery.

But not everyone seeks the help they need. Full Frame continues with part two of the conversation with renowned psychologist, Guy Winch.