Living with Autism

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Living with Autism

Autism impacts millions of families around the world. In this series, CGTN explores how this diagnosis impacts children and their parents. 

EPISODE 1: What is Autism?

Health authorities say some 70 million people around the world live with some form autism.

In the United States, one in 44 children has been diagnosed with the developmental disorder – a number that’s been on the rise for several years.

Many experts attribute this to greater awareness and better diagnosis.

Today, CGTN’s Nitza Soledad Perez begins a special series on autism. In her first report, we see how one family responds to the diagnosis and what steps they take to help their child.  

EPISODE 2: Adults living with autism

As awareness and research in​to autism ​has expanded in the United States, so ​has its prevalence.

​Government data show one in 44 children in America are diagnosed with some form of the developmental disorder.

In the second episode of our autism series, we bring you the stories of two young autistic men and the families behind them. 

EPISODE 3: School offers free education for autistic children

For parents of autistic individuals, providing the education and assistance their children need can sometimes seem unattainable because of the costs and lack of resources available to them.

In the third episode of our autism series, we visit a school exclusively dedicated to children and adults diagnosed with the autism spectrum disorder and that is free to the community.