U.S. Mental Health Crisis

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Episode 1: U.S. sees shortage of mental health service​s for the young

The death toll from COVID​-19 in the United States topped one million ​in May. 

​And for every death, there’s a story of grief for surviving family members. 

That is helping fuel what some psychologists are calling a mental health epidemic in the country. 

​CGTN’s Gabriel Yin reports on the challenges of finding help for the youngest of patients. 



Episode 2: Shortage of mental health service​s and suicide

In an art gallery in New York City, we met “the Pippins” – the signature creation of the late Charles Winthrop Norton, ​reflective of the artist’s own battles with mental illness. The fancily-dressed Pippins, some even sporting designer shoes, all display a thumbs-up gesture in the front, while hiding a bleaker middle finger ​signal behind their back​s. 

​Brigitte Norton says that was the case for her son, the artist, as he navigated mental illness. ​He took his own life at the age of 24. Looking back, she still can’t point to the exact time Charles first experienced depression. For a period, ​she dismissed her son’s struggles as a teenage phase. But ​the phase never passed. 

COVID​-19 has increased demand​ for mental health service​s, but a shortage of providers predates the pandemic, and is likely to worsen in the years to come. 

​An extreme consequence of ​mental illness is suicide, ​a particular concern as rising rates have been reported among some groups of young people in particular.