Full Frame: Sinking Cities

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Rising seas threaten to consume the coastal areas of major cities around the world. Now, those risks are compounded by an accelerating danger: Most of those cities are also sinking.

Southern Florida is one of the most vulnerable places.

“My city is a barrier island, manmade, built on porous limestone sitting at sea level.” said Miami Beach Mayor Dan Gelber in an interview with host Mike Walter. “So we had to actually start addressing it pretty quickly.”

Gelber said the urgency to address climate change and issues like sea-level rise will require governments to make it a priority.

We have a pathway that both the optimism and the tragedy of all of this is that we know there is a route that’s available to keep the planet healthy and to solve the issues that have already happened … The only question is whether there’s political will to take it and to choose it and to open the door,” he said.

Shark Safe Barrier 

The population of sharks is important to keep a balance of other species in the ocean. But their presence close to beaches can be troubling for tourists and locals.

A marine biologist from South Africa may have the answer with an innovative screen system. The barrier is a submarine wall of tubes meant to look like a kelp forest, and it does not harm any marine animals while keeping sharks away from humans.

Sustainable Technologies

Daniela Fernandez founded Sustainable Ocean Alliance, which finds funding for ideas that can keep the oceans healthy. Sustainable Ocean Alliance has created the world’s largest network of young ocean leaders  by establishing a presence in over 165 countries. 

“The first thing is … you have an idea that is ocean positive,” Fernandez said in an interview with host Mike Walter. “So we look for solutions that are having a positive impact on the ocean. Number two,  your solution has to be scalable beyond your small region or your area where you’re located. And number three, you have to have a for-profit business model.”