Full Frame: Being Black In the Americas

Full Frame

How do we create a society of inclusion?

In this episode of Full Frame we get a sense of what is like being an Afro-descendent living in the Americas.

Title: Voice of the Masses

The summer of 2020 was a moment of racial reckoning. Sparked by the death of George Floyd, tens of thousands across the United States, took over the streets to protest the mistreatment of black people.

One of the organizers of the massive Washington’s D.C. marches was activist Tylik McMillan.

Title: Path to Equal Education

Education is a big driver of equality. Lower income families have a more difficult path to obtaining a college degree. The good news is that this trend is changing.

Tonija Navas is the director of The International Affairs Center at Howard University.

Title: Protecting Lands

The presence of the Garifuna people in Honduras dates back over two hundred years. They are the descendants of runaways African slaves and local indigenous groups. They have their own language, religion and lands. However, they claim that their lands are under siege. Several of their leaders have been killed as they fight to defend  it. 

Title: Resisting Racism

Roland Roebuck has worked in leadership training programs in Brazil, Colombia and Honduras. He helps the afro-descendant youth confront racism by providing the tools they need to succeed.