Full Frame: Latino Art

Full Frame

Latin American artists look deep in their roots to express their emotions and culture through art in its various forms. 

Building Bridges

In Washington D.C., the Art Museum of the Americas serves as one of Latin America’s main cultural diplomacy spaces. They collect, study and exhibit pieces that showcase social and political issues by promoting both established and emerging artists. Full Frame host, Mike Walter, meets with the museum’s director, Adriana Ospina. 

Body Coordination

In Cuba, “the National Ballet” is known for its take on the classical dance. For generations this dance studio has bred an important number of performers. Cuba’s Nation Ballet first performed here in Washington D.C. back in the 1970’s. Now, decades later, they bring a new generation of dancers to the U.S. capital. Among them is ballerina Daniela Gomez.

Displaying Emotions 

Tatiana Baki was born in Beirut, Lebanon. During her childhood, she coped with the ramifications of a civil war while being bullied at school. She is an artist whose style dives into relational and conceptual territories unique to her cultural experiences. The result? Provocative works of art that have ended up in the hands of private collectors, such as actress Bo Derek, business man David Murdock and former U.S. President Bill Clinton.