Full Frame: China U.S. Relations

Full Frame

How have relations between China and the United States developed?

In this episode of Full Frame we take a glimpse at how international relations between the world’s two largest superpowers, China and the United States has developed since 1972, and where they stand today.

How has the perception of globalization changed?

Yukon Huang is a senior fellow at the Carnegie Endowment for international peace. He was also formerly the World Bank’s country director for China and, before that, director for Russia and the Former Soviet Union Republics. He states that the perceptions of globalization have sharply changed over the last decade. 

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When the United States approached China in 1972, the nation was still developing. They soon struck a partnership that saw the U.S. and China top the global economy. Today the two amount for over 1/3 of the global economy.