Full Frame: Climate Adaptation

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The topic of climate change has been a key concern for decades. In order to save the planet nations have pledged to lower their carbon footprint in half by 2030. They also agree that access to a clean, healthy and sustainable environment should be a universal human right. And how does food aesthetics contribute to global warming?

Adapting to climate with Simon Stiell

The UN Framework Convention on Climate Change provides technical expertise to address a changing climate, and its aim is to limit rising temperatures, while developing sustainable ways to eradicate povertyLeading this effort is a hard charging Simon Stiell, he is the convention’s Executive Secretary.  

Creative solutions while adapting to climate change

It’s already bad, but it’s likely getting worseSevere drought conditions in the Southwestern region of the U.S. and in Northern Mexico are forecast to increase in the years ahead. A combination of high temperatures and long periods without rain are causing  “near catastrophic farming conditions” according to climate experts. That’s forcing agricultural scientists to come up with creative solutions when growing crops

Adapting to climate with Inger Andersen

When we think of climate change, remote and faraway places come to mind. The reality is that it is closer than it seems. We are inextricably interconnected with nature, and this alteration in our atmosphere is the number one health threat humankind faces. The World Health Organization predicts that if something isn’t done, there will be around 250,000 deaths annually between 2030 and 2050, all linked to climate occurrences. Full Frame speaks with Inger Andersen, the Executive Director of the United Nations Environment Programme.