Full Frame: The Future of Education

Full Frame

Education is the foundation upon which we build the future of our society. Historically, a luxury, today education is a critical part of our modern world. But is everyone getting their fair shake? In this episode of Full Frame we look at how we are teaching the next generation, where we are succeeding, and where our youth are being left behind.

Former UN Secretary General Kofi Annan called education “The great equalizer of our time.” He said “It gives hope to the hopeless and creates chances for those without.” 

Modernizing the educational system with Elisa Guerra

Mike Walter speaks with Elisa Guerra. She has been dubbed “Best Educator in Latin America” by the Inter-American Development Bank. According to Guerra, “Learning is the most creative and exhilarating adventure of life.” She’s made it her life’s work to assist others accessing a better education, and a more promising future. 

Exploring Educational Opportunities Surrounding the “Big Apple”

Fewer than 1 in 4 New York City residents have a bachelor’s degree as of 2022. Racial disparities can have a big impact when it comes to education. According to N.Y. high school teacher, John Massaro, discussing the topics of police brutality and systemic oppression are a must during a school year. 

With the world’s largest public school system based in the city over 60 thousand students from 571 high schools take their university exams here every year. Full Frame goes to the streets of the Big Apple to take a look at the struggles faced by hundreds students who call the city home. 

Learning to communicate and interact with Yazid Jackson 

School isn’t only where most of us learn the skills and information we need to find our way in the workplace, but to most it’s also where we learn to interact with those around us. It’s where we make friends, learn how to cooperate, resolve conflicts, and form our sense of community.  I spoke with Yazid Jackson, an educator working to help youth navigate the waters of these turbulent times. 

According to Jackson, social skills are imperative within a community. “I’ve dealt with a very marginalized group of young people that don’t have some of these skills and they’re not going to live very long.” Said Jackson during our interview because some of them lack empathy and compassion.