From Puerto Rico to the World: The Enduring Legacy of El Gran Combo

Americas Now

In the heart of Puerto Rico’s vibrant music scene, a legendary orchestra emerged over six decades ago, destined to become a global sensation. El Gran Combo’s journey from humble beginnings to prestigious stages like the Kennedy Center is a testament to salsa music’s enduring power and its creators’ resilience.

Founded in 1962 by Rafael Ithier, El Gran Combo quickly rose to prominence with its unique blend of salsa, bolero, and tropical rhythms. Despite facing financial constraints and societal challenges, Ithier’s unwavering dedication to music paved the way for the orchestra’s iconic status.

As El Gran Combo continues to captivate audiences worldwide, their influence transcends generations, inspiring aspiring musicians and preserving the rich heritage of salsa music.

From the streets of Puerto Rico to the prestigious stages of The Kennedy Center, El Gran Combo’s journey is a testament to the transformative power of music.