Big Story Podcast: The Endless Harvest

Big Story Podcast

The Endless Harvest is a compilation of stories from all over the world showing us that sustainable growth is not only possible but actually happening.

In Florida, an NGO is linking with several companies from the hospitality industry to guarantee that the unused soap and toiletries from their guests can be reused in a circular fashion. They are not only recycling the contents but also the packages, reducing waste and keeping plastic from ending up in the landfills, and making sure the resulting products end up in the hands of communities in need.

In Nigeria, we tag along with a local entrepreneur who’s figured out a way to introduce smart farming and technological solutions to the local farmers, giving them tools to better adapt to changing weather patterns.

Finally, we head north to the Arctic border, where we learn how the people from Greenland and Iceland are making sure their economies complete their green transformation in order to successfully address the enormous challenges posed by the climate emergency.