The US Stress Epidemic is Fueled by Inflation and Violence Concerns

Americas Now

A recent report by the American Psychological Association reveals a stark reality about the mental health of US citizens: 80% are stressed about inflation, and 75% are worried about violence. This widespread anxiety has earned stress the title of one of the leading killers in America today. Correspondent Mike Kirsch dives into this pressing issue by visiting one of the country’s most stressed cities to uncover the sources of this anxiety and explore what else keeps Americans up at night.

In a city plagued by economic uncertainty and rising crime rates, Mike Kirsch speaks with residents, experts, and community leaders to understand the root causes of their stress. The soaring cost of living, driven by inflation, has made it increasingly difficult for many Americans to make ends meet. At the same time, the pervasive fear of violence adds another layer of stress, creating an environment where many feel constantly on edge.