Alasdair Baverstock

Alasdair Baverstock is CGTN’s Mexico correspondent, based out of Mexico City, and covering the entire country and wider region.

A British journalist who began his career in print, Alasdair reported previously from Madrid and Caracas, before his role in Mexico.

As Mexico correspondent, Alasdair’s mission is to paint a wider and more in-depth picture of the region, bringing stories of success, innovation and cultural nuance to a country that is so-often reduced to drug cartels, violence and corruption through international coverage.

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May 4, 2021

Mexico City rail disaster

Less than 24 hours after the railway disaster, Mexico City is coming to terms with the tragedy.  Emergency crews are still pulling people from the wreckage after a railway bridge gave way as a train traveled between stations in the southeast of the capital.  CGTN’s […] Read More...
May 4, 2021

Exploring the Chinese ecommerce method in Mexico

Commerce has moved online in a major way as the pandemic continues around the world, and businesses face a sink-or-swim moment in trying to adapt.  There may be lessons to be learned from the Chinese method of ecommerce, which is surprisingly different to the western […] Read More...
May 1, 2021

U.S.-Mexico relations in the new administration

    As U.S. President ​Joe Biden completes his first 100 days in office, it has been a bumpy ride for relations with the U.S.’s southern neighbor. Take a look at how Biden has managed one of the country’s most important international relationships. Read More...
May 1, 2021

Volunteers work to get Mexico City’s homeless vaccinated

  As vaccine rollout around the world continues, some sections of society are proving harder to reach and are often among those most ​in danger. In Mexico City, where vaccines are moving slowly for most of the population, one group is concentrating on getting shots to an […] Read More...
One-meter-long bunny becomes world's largest rabbit
April 25, 2021

One-meter-long bunny becomes world’s largest rabbit

How big is the world’s largest rabbit? A 21-year-old veterinary student in Mexico has bred the world’s largest rabbits. Nearly one meter in length and weighing up to nine kilograms, they are now some of the biggest of their species in the world. Read More...
Mexico brings the handmade touch to high-tech cars
April 24, 2021

Mexico brings the handmade touch to high-tech cars

Attitudes towards the environment are ​ever-changing, as people seek greener solutions to preserve the planet. And ​one measure of that is the growing popularity of electric cars. In Mexico, one ​innovative car company is seeking to tackle not only the country’s environmental problems, but important […] Read More...
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