Dan Collyns

Dan Collyns

Dan Collyns covers the Andean region for CGTN America.

Collyns joined CGTN America in November of 2011 and is based in Lima, Peru. He has also reported for CGTN from Ecuador, Bolivia and Chile.

Collyns was formerly the BBC’s correspondent in Peru where he has been based since 2006. He also worked for AFP as a video-journalist, The Guardian newspaper and for PRI, NPR and CBC among other networks. Dan has covered earthquakes, mine cave-ins, summits, elections, the drug war, human rights trials and he interviewed the last fugitive leader of Peru’s Shining Path guerrilla group.

Before moving to South America, Dan worked at BBC World Service radio as a writer and producer. He began his career in print, filing newspaper reports from Tanzania.

He studied English Literature at Goldsmiths College at the University of London.

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Dan Collyns