Dan Williams

Dan Williams

Dan Williams reports for CGTN from Chicago. 


November 18, 2023

APEC’s impact on local businesses

The curtain comes down for the U.S.-hosted APEC Leaders Conference in San Francisco. Peru will host the forum next year. Thousands of delegates, media and business leaders gathered in the Northern California city this week, but for many local businesses, APEC didn’t quite have the […] Read More...
November 16, 2023

President Xi Jinping’s old friends in Iowa

The APEC Leaders Meeting is taking place in San Francisco.  It’s a city Xi Jinping visited long before he was president, back in 1985.  Most of that trip, however, was spent in Iowa, talking about agriculture and forging personal ties. CGTN’s Dan Williams brings us […] Read More...
November 10, 2023

History of the Asia Pacific Economic Cooperation forum

San Francisco is set to host one of the most important gatherings of global leaders this November. 21 member economies now make up the Asia Pacific Economic Cooperation forum and the bloc has grown in importance since its origins back in 1989, CGTN’s Dan Williams […] Read More...
Maine mass shooting leaves community in shock
October 29, 2023

Maine mass shooting leaves community in shock

The healing process is beginning for residents of Lewiston, Maine. The city is recovering from a mass shooting that led to a huge manhunt for the suspect, Army Reservist Robert Card. CGTN’s Dan Williams reports. Read More...
October 11, 2023

United Auto Workers on strike

  Strike action against the top three U.S. automakers is approaching the one-month mark.  Although talks are continuing, between the union, the UAW, and the so-called big three – Ford, GM and Stellantis, an agreement still appears some way off.   Read More...
August 24, 2023

Wildfires impact Maui’s economy

While the search for victims continues after the wildfires that destroyed Lahaina on the island of Maui, other parts of the island are feeling the fallout. With tourists gone, shops and restaurants are seeing a significant drop in business. Read More...
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