Franc Contreras

Correspondent Franc Contreras was born near the U.S.-Mexico border in Tucson, Arizona, and has been living in Mexico City and reporting from across Latin America since 1996.

Before joining CGTN America, Franc’s stories have been heard and seen by millions of viewers around the world on Al Jazeera English television, BBC World Service radio, CBS radio and television, CBC radio and television in Canada and Public Radio International in the United States.

He has reported from Argentina, Bolivia, Colombia, El Salvador, Guatemala, Haiti, Nicaragua, Panama, Spain, and Venezuela. His main focus is Mexico, the country where his immigrant ancestors originated.

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July 11, 2022

Central American migration crisis

  In the northern part of Central America, hundreds of thousands of people leave their country each year. Political instability, corruption, poverty and climate change are often cited as the root causes of mass migration.  But what are governments doing to solve the problem? Read More...
May 24, 2022

Title 42 and discrimination

Haitian migrants to the United States are experiencing additional difficulties due in part to the color of their skin. CGTN’s Franc Contreras reports from Reynosa, Mexico. Read More...
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