Hendrick Sybrandy

Hendrik Sybrandy

Hendrik Sybrandy became the first correspondent for CGTN’s Denver Bureau in February, 2014. Prior to joining the network, he spent 30 years reporting for six local news stations around the U.S. (in Sioux Falls, S.D., San Antonio, Baltimore, Indianapolis and Denver). 

Sybrandy has covered major national stories (the Columbine High School massacre, the Aurora theater shootings, the Columbia shuttle disaster, the Oklahoma City bombing trials, the L.A. earthquake and the O.J. Simpson and Rodney King trials), international stories (peacekeeping efforts in Bosnia and Kosovo) and been in the middle of blizzards, fires and floods as well. He enjoys reporting on issues like politics, immigration, the environment and the economy, space and technology. He’s won two Emmy awards for his efforts.

Sybrandy has a Master’s Degree in Broadcast Journalism from Northwestern University and has taught T.V. news at the University of Colorado, Boulder.

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August 1, 2020

A Colorado young adult shared his COVID-19 experience

  One group accounting for more and more coronavirus infections in the U.S. is young people.  Those in their 20s and 30s now make up half or more of newly reported cases in states like Arizona, Texas and Florida.  The recent push to reopen may be behind the trend.  One COVID-19 […] Read More...
July 24, 2020

No bodies found in recent Tulsa grave excavation

  The first attempt to unearth victims of a century-old race massacre in Tulsa, Oklahoma, has come up empty. As many as 300 people are believed to have died at the hands of a white mob back in 1921. The event was covered up for […] Read More...
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July 17, 2020

U.S. police reform: Alternative approach to handle emergency calls

The recent racial justice protests ​in the U.S. have included calls for, if not  fully defunding police departments, at least diverting some of their resources to social services.  One concept involves sending alternative types of emergency responders to ​answer some 911 calls for ​help.  One city in the U.S. state of Oregon has been doing […] Read More...
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July 10, 2020

Sewage surveillance helps fight COVID-19

With COVID-19 testing very inconsistent across the U.S., health officials are looking at other methods to measure the spread of the coronavirus. Among those being drafted in​to this effort: wastewater treatment facilities. It seems the virus is very much present in raw sewage.  Read More...
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June 19, 2020

Denver Juneteenth parade

June 19th, holds special significance for African Americans.  It was on this day in 1865 that black slaves in the state of Texas received word that they were free.  That news led to the creation of Juneteenth, the oldest national commemoration of the end of slavery in the […] Read More...
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June 18, 2020

Protesters call for justice for 1921 Tulsa Race Massacre

U.S. President Trump’s ​rally ​on Saturday will be held in a city that’s seen its share of police protests lately. In addition, Tulsa, ​Oklahoma is still trying to come to terms with an ugly episode of racial violence that took place nearly a century ago. Learn more. Read More...
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June 18, 2020

More U.S. cities adopt ‘Duty to Intervene’ policy

Among police reforms being adopted by more and more U.S. cities is a concept called ‘Duty to Intervene.’  It requires officers to step in when a fellow officer is using excessive force.  Three police officers failed to intervene during the recent George Floyd killing in Minneapolis.  Read More...
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