Luis Chirino

Luis Chirino

Luis Chirino is the CGTN Correspondent in Havana.


Economic crisis in Cuba sparks food shortages
April 2, 2024

Economic crisis in Cuba sparks food shortages

Over the past three years, Cubans have endured economic challenges marked by high inflation and a shortage of basic consumer goods, medicines, fuel and particularly food supplies. CGTN’s Luis Chirino reports on the situation on the ground, and efforts by the government and grassroots organizations […] Read More...
March 1, 2024

Havana’s cigar festival

The International Habano Cigar 2024 Festival was held this week in the Cuban capital. Thousands of cigar aficionados and business people from over 100 countries were on hand. Habano cigar sales are a major source of revenue for the Cuban economy and the island’s rich […] Read More...
February 16, 2024

Cuba’s fuel shortage

For the past three years, Cubans have endured an economic crisis that includes a lack of electricity and fuel shortages. It’s been particularly tough in the last few of months with frequent power outages that have had an economic impact on much of the population. […] Read More...
February 10, 2024

Cuba celebrates Lunar New Year

  In Cuba, Havana’s Chinatown serves as the center of Lunar New Year celebrations. Its lively community of Cubans, Chinese citizens and Cubans of Chinese descent come together to mark the special occasion and express their hopes for the coming year.  Read More...
January 13, 2024

Cuba introduces economic measures for 2024

  Cuba’s government has introduced economic measures for 2024 that include energy price hikes and subsidy cuts. Officials say the move is expected to improve the country’s economic performance. Read More...
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