Michelle Begue

Michelle Begue

Michelle Begue has been reporting for CGTN from Bogotá, Colombia since August 2010. Michelle has brought us in depth coverage on top issues that affect Central America, the Caribbean and South America. Politics, economics, culture, sports and social issues are just some of the topics she has covered for our viewers. 

CGTN has sent her to the frontline of some the largest natural disasters in Latin America such as the landslides in Brazil and the inundations in Colombia.

In Haiti, Brazil, Peru and Venezuela, Michelle reported on the latest results during elections. From the Andes Mountains she brought us stories of the Coca Leaf in Peru. She has traveled to the heart of the Colombian conflict to show us the hopes and fears of the displaced.

As a correspondent, Michelle Begue hopes to give viewers a better look at Latin America so they can understand the culture and history of the region. Through her coverage she hopes the audience can connect, learn and feel they have visited these places along with her. Michelle´s dream as a journalist is to reach and change people with unique stories.

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October 14, 2021

Female officers break ground in Colombia’s military

Colombian women first entered the military just 12 years ago, and since then they are slowly breaking ground.  It isn’t easy in a primarily male sector, but this year, women joined the air assault and spearmen forces. Michelle Begue reports. Read More...
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