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Research role model

Though it was once associated as being dominated by men, science is increasingly being redefined by women, many of whom are blazing trails in previously uncharted territory.

In Florida, one female scientist has been working hard to claim her space, but also, to bring more scientists like her into the field.


Fleeing Guatemala

In Central America, young migrants are leaving home without parental permission to make a perilous trek to the United States.

In search of better economic opportunities, they make a journey that Amnesty International has called “one of the world’s most dangerous.”


Urban Voices: Jorge Pardo

Jorge Pardo is a musician from Spain who is famous for playing the saxophone. But the sax is just one of the instruments he has mastered and one of the many more he includes in his compositions.


Temir Porras on Venezuela’s economy

Hyperinflation is defined by inflation that surpasses a rate of 50% a month, for more than 30 days straight. But since December 2016, Venezuela’s hit numbers that are even worse.

Temir Porras, a foreign policy specialist who served for ten years as presidential assistant to the late Hugo Chavez, explains how Venezuela is coping with prices rising at an aggressive rate.


Alasitas festival

Ekeko is the pre-Columbine God of Prosperity whose miniature statue can be found in almost every home in Bolivia.

He is said to bring wealth, hope and happiness, so every year, Bolivians attend a street festival, where they can buy him just about every kind of tiny offering.


Urban Voices: “Circo Dragon”

It’s called the Dragon Circus, but don’t expect to find any clowns or elephants at this extravaganza.

Instead, Circo Dragón infuses Mexican heritage and art into dazzling performances that combine ancient traditions with contemporary moves.


Game Changer: The garbage collector who spreads books

In Bogota, Colombia, there’s proof that one person’s trash is another one’s treasure.

Jose Alberto Gutierrez has been a hard-working garbage collector his entire life, but his real passion has always been for books.

So for the past twenty years, he’s taken the ones he finds in the trash and given them to needy children all over Colombia, so they too can experience the magic of reading.


Hyperinflation nation

Imagine living in a country where the price of everything doubles every 18 days and where in one year, the price of anything can rise well above 1,200 percent. That’s been the recent reality for Venezuelans.