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Love Under ‘Moonlight’

The film ‘Moonlight’ is about a journey from an unforgiving childhood to a conflicted adult life. It’s also a romantic film that succeeds in expressing love’s first blush on screen.

Kathleen Turner

Magical Thinking in the Age of Trump

I read Joan Didion’s The Year of Magical Thinking quite a while ago but I’ve never really felt the full brunt of the first few lines of her masterpiece until Donald Trump was declared President elect of my adopted home.


‘The Little Foxes’ ugly little world

Greed has shaped human history for centuries. From the dawn of the earliest civilizations to our social-media obsessed and online-shopping-addicted era, it has informed how countless generations have lived their lives.

The Lobster movie

Down with love: The warped romance of ‘The Lobster’

In the world of ‘The Lobster’, love is but a fiction and a human construct that will only doom those who believe in it. Yorgos Lanthimo’s satirical film takes place in an alternate universe where this alleged ‘love’ and relationships stemming from it have completely warped everyone’s system of values.


Mike Daisey’s The Trump Card

If there’s one takeaway from seeing Mike Daisey’s comedy monologue, “The Trump Card,” — it’s the terrifying certainty that Donald Trump will win the White House come November. I’m serious.


Boris: A review

Wata and Takeshi don’t have guitar techs to help them tune their instruments so they walked onto the stage a few minutes before their show was about to start at Washington D.C.’s 9:30 Club and did it on their own.