Islamic Extremism

Pretrials still underway for Guantanamo Bay detainees

This month marks five-years since the start of the pretrial hearings at Guantanamo Bay, Cuba, for the five detainees accused of involvement in the terrorist attacks on America in September, 2001.

This week they returned to court.

As another week of pretrial hearings wraps up the 23rd session in five years.

Iraq 2

Iraqi forces aim to reclaim W Mosul as ISIL flees city

Iraq’s military and police have battled their way into the heart of western Mosul. More than half of the city is now controlled by Iraqi forces. But there’s growing speculation that ISIL leaders and operatives are trying to sneak out of the city with fleeing civilians.

Mideast Syria bombings

ISIS claims string of bombings in Syria

A string of bombings, including a suicide attack claimed by the Islamic State group, struck in and around several Syrian cities on Monday, killing at least 43 people, mainly in government-controlled areas.