Global Action Initiative, now in its fourth year, is dedicated to addressing the world’s most pressing issues through mutual understanding, showcasing positive outcomes and offering possible solutions to help all people achieve sustainable global change.
Mission 2023: Sustainable Economy
Economic sustainability is part of the UN Sustainable Development Goals, a set of 17 objectives offering a road map for countries and governments to create long-lasting and sustainable growth.
Global Action Initiative 2023
Today, government and business cannot achieve long term growth if they exhaust natural or human resources and fail to contribute to the health of our planet. As leading international government officials, CEOs, entrepreneurs, and thought leaders gather for the annual Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation Summit, (APEC 2023, San Francisco) join us for an in-depth look at the progress and challenges on the road to a Global Sustainable Economy.
GAI 2023 Documentary
Sustainable growth is not only possible but actually is happening around the world. In this exclusive documentary “The Endless Harvest” takes us on a worldwide journey starting in China where miners and the environment are benefitting from the emergence of 5G intelligent mining systems, then on to beekeeping in Colombia, the U.S. where a major industry is cleaning up its act, smart farming in Nigeria, and the Artic border where people from Greenland and Iceland are making sure their economies complete their green transformation – leaders in addressing the enormous challenges posed by the climate emergency.

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