The Heat: UN Climate Change Conference

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COP26 is well underway in Glasgow, Scotland. World leaders have a huge task on their hands as the G20 summit did not prove to be fruitful on consensus about net-zero emissions. The conference is vitally important for climate change as people have their eyes on these heads of states and governments to keep their commitments to combat the ongoing crisis.

Can nations come together to preserve the planet and future generations? CGTN’s Andrew Wilson has more.

Joining the discussion:

  • Ted Nace is the Executive Director of the Global Energy Monitor.
  • Leo Horn-Phathanothai is the Head of the World Resources Institute UK office.
  • Barry Rabe is a Professor of Environmental Policy at the University of Michigan.
  • Jianyu Zhang is the Executive director of the BRI Green Development Institute                                                                                                             

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