England eliminated after losing first two matches

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Richard Bestic joins us at Trafalgar Square. Briefing us on the desperate reactions of the England fans and the aftermath of its two lost matches.

England on its way to the team’s earliest World Cup exit since 1958.The immediate reaction desperate.For those England fans who’d hauled themselves the three-thousand miles to Brazil to follow their dream, the downcast faces told their own story. Therefore four years of expensive preparation and England’s hopes unraveled in just five days. It’s very much the morning-after-the-night before here in Trafalgar Square, a place littered with the baubles of a long-gone Empire, when England was a power to be reckoned with. Sadly, few here have much faith in the mathematical chance that England might yet be saved from its World Cup woes.

Since winning in 1966, England has consistently disappointed in the World Cup. The nation, credited with giving the world football’s modern form, can now, it appears, no longer play it to the world’s highest level.


England eliminated after losing first two matches

Richard Bestic talks about the English reactions to Italy's loss in the world cup and how it is affects the England team.