School to improve life on South China Sea island

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China has started construction of the first school in Sansha, on the South China Sea island of Yongxing. CCTV’s Han Bin reports from Sansha.

Improving life on south China sea islands

China has started construction of the first school in Sansha city. It's China's newest city, which is beginning to to take shape on the South China Sea island of Yongxing -- the largest of the (she shaw) Xixia islands. Han Bin has the details.

The school will be for the children of residents and people posted to the island. It is part of a massive effort to make Sansha a place that families can call home. Yongxing is the largest of the Xixia islands.

Children on Yongxing Island have to leave their parents and stay with grandparents in far-off hometowns, when they reach school age. Having a school on the island has long been one of the fondest dreams of families here.Yongxing School is scheduled for completion in 18 months. It will include a kindergarten and a primary school. The government-funded project covers some 7,000 square meters.

Expanded infrastructure and tourism are in the works on Yongxing. The government aims to build Sansha into a beautiful sea border city, and a happy place to live. Construction has been a priority in Sansha since it was established two years ago. The school is the latest project on Yongxing island. The school may be quite small, but the significance is great for the children and their future, and the island’s future as well.