Private sector funds new Ebola clinicis in Liberia

Ebola Outbreak

Businesses in northern Liberia are taking a lead in Ebola containment efforts. CCTV America’s Katerina Vittozzi reports.

Patrick Morlu is helping construct a new Ebola holding center where patients with symptoms can be quarantined until they are tested. As Liberia’s healthcare system is stretched to maximum capacity, funding for new clinics could come from the private sector. A new group of 30 West African companies in the region has pledged to fight the disease.

Private sector funds new Ebola clinicis in Liberia

In northern Liberia, businesses are taking a lead in containment efforts. CCTV America's Katerina Vittozzi reports.

The World Health Organization said Tuesday that the number of new Ebola cases per week could reach upwards of 10,000 by mid-December. Here’s how the number of new cases has grown over time. (“New Cases” are the number of newly confirmed, probable, and suspect cases of Ebola since the previous WHO situation report. These reports are not always released at standard time intervals, so the number of days between releases often differs.)