Musician Bai Kamara Jr. plans concert to raise funds in Ebola fight

Ebola Outbreak

Musician Bai Kamara Jr. plans to present a concert to aid the fight against Ebola. CCTV America’s Jack Barton reported this story from Brussels.

Though he now calls Belgium home, Kamara was born and raised in Sierre Leone. The singer songwriter said that the concert will be held later this month and the proceeds will go towards Médecins Sans Frontières who are working on the front lines to contain the virus.

“We need to shore up our health services because what happened with the situation on the ground was we already had a health service that was not strong enough so with the whole Ebola issue the whole health system just collapsed immediately,” he said. “I hope we take some serious measures, our civic leaders and politicians take some serious measures to make sure they improve our health systems.”

Kamara has worked with the United Nations to help refugees in the past and has penned songs on issues ranging from the environment to social injustice.