Colombian rebel group FARC frees captured general

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In Colombia, FARC rebels released a general and two other people who were abducted earlier in November. CCTV America’s Michelle Begue reported from in Bogota, Colombia.

Colombian rebel group FARC freed captured general

In Colombia, FARC rebels released a general and two other people who were abducted earlier in November. CCTV America's Michelle Begue reported from in Bogota, Colombia.

Colombian General Ruben Dario Alzate and the two others were handed over to International Red Cross officials on Sunday morning. The Colombian rebel group Revolutionary Armed Force of Colombia (FARC) had abducted the general along with a soldier and a lawyer on Nov. 16. All three were declared in good health.

No media outlets had been allowed to cover the release, but the Ministry of Defense released a photo, where Minister of Defense Juan Carlos Pinzon was seen meeting with the lawyer, soldier, and General Alzate. Many questions remained unanswered as to why the general was dressed as a civilian and traveling without protection in a high risk area at the time of his abduction.

In Havana, FARC peace negotiators continued to call for the restart of peace negotiations and reiterated their demand for a bilateral ceasefire.

“We invite President Santos, with his heart in his hand, to consider that we cannot continue extending this dialogue for peace in the middle of war,” said a FARC negotiator Ivan Marquez.

Colombia and the international community waited for President Juan Manuel Santos’ announcement of negotiations to end 50 years of armed conflict could get back on track. But, political analyst Jairo Libreros said the decision to suspend them had a negative affect on the president’s image.

“There was so much clarity on the agreed points, especially on the point made by the president that nothing can affect the negotiations in Havana. The breakage of that point affected the confidence of both parts,” Libreros said.

He said in the meantime the FARC’s political wing looks stronger than ever as their message through the peace crisis never had a waiver.

“The things they said from Havana in these last 5 days is that they hope to overcome this situation as long as moving forward. There are mechanisms to protect the peace process,” he said.