World’s only living giant panda triplets get ‘cute’ names


Panda mother Ju Xiao plays with her triplet cubs. Photo: AP

The world’s only surviving giant panda triplets turned two months old earlier this week, and they have finally been named: “Mengmeng”(Cute), “Shuaishuai” (Handsome) and “Kuku” (Cool).

The cubs were born within four hours of each other on July 29 at the Chime Long Safari Park in Guangzhou, the capital of south China’s Guangdong Province. (READ MORE ABOUT THE TRIPLETS HERE) They are the longest living set of panda triplets in history.

Zhang Hemin, director of the China Conservation and Research Center for Giant Pandas in west China’s Sichuan Province, said that the triplets have passed the newborn “danger zone” and have an unprecedented 95 percent likelihood of survival.

Now the triplets have grown to around 3.5 kilograms (just under 8 pounds) each, and their weights are still growing by 3 to 5 percent every day.

The cubs have little hearing, but their ears will “open” in one or two months, said Dong Guixin, general manager of Chime Long Safari Parks. Dong added that other memorable events in their development also include teething and standing up.

This story is compiled with information from Xinhua and the CCTV News Content.