China’s latest humanitarian aid shipment arrives in Syria

Refugee and Migrant Crisis

FILE – In this Feb. 4, 2014, file photo released by the Syrian official news agency SANA, Palestinian residents of the besieged refugee camp of Yarmouk wait at the gate of the camp to receive aid supplies from the United Nations on the southern edge of the Syrian capital, Damascus. The deteriorating situation brought on by Syria’s civil war prompted the U.N. Security Council to call an emergency meeting Monday, April 6, 2015, to discuss Yarmouk, calling for safe evacuation for the Palestinians, protection for the refugees, and humanitarian access to the camp. (AP Photo/SANA, File)

The Syrian government received a new batch of relief aid from China, a Syrian cabinet minister said on Thursday.

The announcement came during a meeting held Thursday between Syria’s Social Affairs Minister Kinda Shammat and Chinese Ambassador to Syria Wang Kejian at the ministry’s headquarters in the capital Damascus.

“The new aid contains stationary tools and mobility equipment for the disabled people as a result of the growing number of such populations due to the ongoing war,” Shammat said, adding that the recent aid shipment will be followed by another one in mid-May, which will contain a total of 270 prefabricated housing units.

For his part, Wang Kejian said he hoped the relief aid “would be conducive in alleviating some of the suffering of the Syrian people.”

He pointed out that the solution to the humanitarian situation in Syria would come to a halt with the end of the Syrian crisis, stressing that China will keep on providing the Syrian people with humanitarian aid.

“We will continue providing the brotherly Syrian people with humanitarian aids in the future,” he said.

Report by Xinhua news.