Visa waved for Colombians and Peruvians travelling to Europe

World Today

Just ten years ago drug dealers, cocaine addicts and violence were synonymous with Colombian stereotypes. Today, citizens of this South American nation seem to have a chance to change things. By the end of this year, Colombians may be able to travel to 26 European nations without a visa.

CCTV America’s Michelle Begue filed this report from Bogotá.


  • In a landslide vote 523 to 41, the approved visa waiver granted citizens visa-free access to Europe’s Schengen area that includes 26 countries.
  •  According to the European Union Ambassador to Colombia, improvements in national security and trade were part of the reasons why the visa requirement was waived.
  • According to Henley & Partners- 2014 Visa Restrictions Index that analyzes global visa restrictions, Colombia has the most visa restrictions of all South America nations. The waiving of the Schengen visa has been welcomed by many citizens that carry a Colombian passport.