Full text: ‘China’s Military Strategy’ white paper

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China issued a white paper Tuesday on military strategy, stressing active defense and pledging closer international security cooperation. Titled “China’s Military Strategy,” it is the ninth national defense white paper since 1998.

The White Paper outlines that the country will adhere to an active defense strategy, to effectively deter threats and better protect its national interests. The document also lays out the developing trend of its military capabilities.

CCTV’s Han Bin interviewed Senior Colonel Zhou Bo from the Ministry of National Defense. Colonel Zhou, who is also the Director of the Center for International Security Cooperation, said the new white paper shows China’s confidence and intentions to make itself better understood to the outside world.

China’s military build ups and activities and its military intentions and directions are often under close watch by the world. The Chinese military wants to explain what is behind the development and what is to come.

“This paper is highly strategic and comprehensive with a focus on China’s present military strategy and its orientation in the future,” said Yang Yujun, Chinese Ministry of National Defense spokesman.

The military is undergoing deep transformations under the new leadership. It is speeding up modernization with high-tech weaponry and information technology, fast integrating its land, naval and air forces. And it has increased regular blue water missions and become more active in international security cooperation.

The White Paper explains the components of its Active Defense Policy and the impact on the ever-changing role of the armed forces under a new security environment.

“China’s armed forces will implement the military strategic guideline of active defense in the new environment. The paper stresses far-sighted planning and management, creating favorable positions, comprehensively managing crises, and deterring and winning wars,” Yang said.

Read the full text of the white paper below.

The White Paper comes at a time of rising tensions in the South China Sea and louder criticism of China’s military build up. President Xi Jinping has called for strengthening the army and its capabilities to prepare it for a win in the event of conflict.

China says its military is still defensive in nature, yet it is becoming more active in protecting its interests.

Leaders believe China faces complex and diverse security challenges in protecting its sovereignty. And the military must adjust to the changing situation to better protect peace and stability.

This is the ninth White Paper on this subject. Unlike the previous ones, which focused mainly on what the PLA has been doing, this new document is concentrating on its future development. Many say the greater transparency of this intention of the Chinese army may signal both its growing confidence and its willingness to play a more active role on the world stage.

Reporting by CCTV News