Quiz: Are you smarter than a Chinese high school student?

Chinese Culture

Reuters/China Daily

CCTV America looked through many of the hundreds of questions in the areas of math, science, writing, English, and essays that more than 9 million Chinese high school students encountered in the annual college-entrance examination, or gaokao, currently underway in China. We came up with this nifty quiz after translating 10 random questions.

The grueling two to three day test is often considered a make or break it moment for college hopefuls. While the questions from the first day of the test from each province and municipality were posted on the China Education Online website, the answers were not. So we’re going to rely on the honor system to determine if you think you can answer these questions.

Compiled by Tony Peng, Siqi Lin, Lisa Chiu, Jessie Li, and Su Xiao Xiao.