Judges bring law into remote villages using ropes

World Today

Two judges in Chongqing have taken an extreme approach to bring the circuit court into a remote village in the mountains: by risking their lives traveling across a river on ropes.

Pictures taken last Tuesday show a heart-stopping scene of the two judges sliding down the ropeway in Huilong village, with the one on the front holding the Chinese national emblem, one of the typical marks of the courtroom.

The ropeway, set up by a villager ten years ago, has always been the only way in and out for people in the village, according to Chongqing Morning News.


For Judge Wang Wei, it’s the second time he’s slid on the ropeway.

The young judge, who just graduated two years ago, said he shivered every time he saw the river under his feet, but still he carried out his mission with his colleagues.

They were there to give villagers legal advice, mostly about how to protect their rights when it comes to land usage and private lending.

China has attached great importance to circuit trials as a measure to solve the legal disputes of local communities more effectively.

Story by CCTV News